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Breast cancer

/ wearable

In this school project we had to make a wearable with some kind of function. I ended up working with repercussions of breast cancer. Today many women suffer from edema in an arm after a breast cancer operation. The swelling occurs after the removal of the cancer in the breast. Very often the doctors have to remove lymph nodes as well. The lymph nodes are a part of the immune system and they help to keep the right balance of fluid In the body. If 10-12 lymph nodes are removed, the body no longer can maintain the right balance of fluids and the patient will get edema in the arm. For now the only solution is an edema glove. The glove does it’s job, and its special made for each person, although it’s not very interesting to look at. Doing the research I read in the US they are experimenting with the lymph nodes from rats if it’s possible to do a transplantation. That’s why I have chosen to developed a false lymph node made of titanium. The lymph node will be placed in the body as jewelries and to compensate the lack of natural lymph nodes. The bracelet will keep you updated by projecting the screen on your arm and it will be able to send messages to doctors and hospitals if anything should occur. Why did I end up working with brest cancer? I got inspired by my mother, she is a brest cancer survivor. We talked about some of the repercussions from cancer and one of them is edema in the arm. Watch the video I made for this project, on the video below.

Made in 2015


final product

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