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Students teaching companies to play
The Camp, with the title ’PLAY – The Design Way’, took place from 22 January to 2 February and intended to show how open-ended and playful methods can be a catalyst for the development of strategic design and playful products.

To that end we gathered 100 MA students from Design School Kolding, The University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University and a handful of international universities.


36 nationalities were represented at the Camp! For two weeks they worked on specific challenges presented by a number of companies and public authorities: Arla, Danske Bank, EYEBAB, Fredericia Kommune, Givskud Zoo, Ledon, LEGO Education, LEGO House, LEGO System, Nicolai for børn, Peter Larsen Kaffe, Sprogeriet and Starbucks.

Made in 2018


How might we re-imagine a global-brand design team through PLAY ?

One of the Starbucks's design offices in Amsterdam


“I will tell you how to 

drink coffee“

- Lasse

Shift supervisor at Starbucks Kolding, Denmark


The smallest things can make the biggest difference. 


Especially in an innovative office such as Starbucks’ office in Amsterdam. Our aim within this project is therefore not to reinvent the work space but to just do something simple: bring people together.

This initiative is about reconnecting with the company’s vision and values. 


Through play, the team is encouraged to develop rituals and break their everyday routines. Helping them to see things from a new perspective as well as improving motivation and satisfaction within the workforce.

Using the Starbucks paper cup, iconic within the stores as well as the Starbucks office itself, we encourage daily interaction with the cup, revealing a challenge with a thermal reaction. Challenges touching on the culture, creativity, teamwork, communication and play.


All the things that make Starbucks what it is today.

Go to the harbour and enjoy the view for 10 min.

The product




Alvaro Alcaide - Communication Design

Linda Egtved OlesenFootwear designer / Textile design

Nicoletta Afentouli - Industrial Design

Neža LandekerDesign for Play

Suika YamadaCommunication design

Cecilie Bak Lindhardt Fabricius - Accessory designer

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