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lady lind

Master class with Volker Koch // Silent goods


This school project was all about getting to know the material. Doing the workshop we had a guest teacher from England To teach us all about leather and how to hand-stitch and build a bag from scratch, all in 2 weeks. I was inspired by the feminin, small and elegant Lady Dior bag and I wanted to challenge myself by making the handels, a bit like that. I did a lot of research and tried different things to make them. In the end I cut the handles in wood with a CNC router and covered it with leather, and hand-stitch around it. To work with leather and hand-stitch, feels like meditation to me. It feels very natural and I enjoy it a lot. The very different expressions depending on the type of leather and shapes is quite interesting, the craftsmanship fascinates me too. I like the process, from development to the finished product. In the following pictures you can see the final bag I made

Made in 2015



final product

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