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Ursus Self driving taxi concept

system, interior & exterior

These times where the automotive industry / companies and some leading countries, pushing the bar and create greater interest in the self-propelled car. Is it thoughtful on our way to see auto-mobile services on, is ready for such a control technology?

Are we ready for a IA takes over and drives us to work or to our children running itself to sport without we raise an eyebrow.


Audience: I wish that this product should be easy and understandable for everyone from the boy of 10 years to be the fodboldt, to Mrs. Hansen at 70 years who wants to see his family without even having to drive.

Using Self-propelled Cars / Taxi'er we could make traffic safer and reduce unnecessary vehicles on the road, as well as give people who are not able or want to own their own car a new and better way to be automobile on.

I mean to implement this technology in a vehicle where we already do not have control by sitting at the wheel as a (taxi), it would be possible not just to turn people into cars now drive themselves, but also eliminates a lot of problems as now worthy Taxi system, such as (CO2 consumption, no cheating, etc.)

Taxi Side 2.jpg

In cooperation with the Danish taxi board, I have prepared an approximately figures on how many people use taxis and how many are driving together

These figures show that there is great opportunity to improve the present layout of the vehicles while reinventing the way we use taxi services Today

Taxi Side 3-4.jpg
Taxi Side 3-4.jpg
Taxi Side 5-6.jpg
Taxi Side 5-6.jpg
Taxi Side 7-8.jpg
Taxi Side 7-8.jpg
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