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ecco wild & mild

Shoes for the Catwalk and shoes for the market

This project shows how students from Kolding School of Design develops shoes that take their design based on the spread between the wild and the mild. The students work from a wild idea and lands the idea as a concrete design proposals and then distilling the essence of the idea and realize it in the form of a mild, commercial shoes.


The shoes of the project is performed by multidisciplinary teams of students from Kolding School of Design departments for fashion, textile and industrial design. The project is part of the strategic cooperation between Kolding School of Design and ECCO

Made 2013

Ecco .jpg

The shoes making an impression of energy, lightweight and freedom

Form inspiration // CONCEPT

Ecco .jpg

Anatomy Architecture Technology & Balance

Ecco skitser.jpg

Key sketches

Wild & Mild

Ecco s3-4.jpg
Ecco s5-6.jpg

A cooperation between



Textile design 

The Danish School of Design


Industrielt design,

New Zealand School of Design


Fashion design 

Design school kolding


Industrielt design,

Design school kolding

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