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Imagine Talents 2019 

The Imagine Talents design competition celebrates outstanding, talented fashion students from all over the world, showcasing the beauty, versatility and overall design potential of Kopenhagen Fur’s exclusive selection of fur. 

The design brief is all about fur and sustainability. Fur is a material with unique sustainable qualities, the most important of which include the following:

Fur is long lasting. If treated correctly, it can be preserved through generations. Fur needs minimal treatment in the use phase, which results in a low environmental impact.

Fur is biodegradable, which means it does not have a negative impact on the environment when recirculated.

This year, the brief focuses on the sustainable strategy of modular and multifunctional design. We encourage you to work with sustainability and fur from a design perspective.


Therefore, we are asking the following question:

How would you design a fur garment which also meets future user needs and supports the sustainable potential of the fur material?

Modularity: items which can either be used as one or several pieces, e.g. a coat may consist of a vest, a collar, cuffs, etc.

Multifunctionality: items which can serve multiple functions for one or for several users, e.g. it could be a multi-gender style or have multiple options for wear.


We want you to use Kopenhagen Fur’s beautiful selection of natural mink types for your design. These non-coloured mink types are alum tanned, which means they have a very low environmental impact. You are welcome to combine these with other natural skins such as fox, seal or Swakara, or you can combine them with fabrics. 

A boudoir [budoaːr] (fr. Boudoir, af fr. Bouder = at surmule / mukke) originally meant a small elegant room where the lady of the house could retreat and loosen the snowlife. Later, boudoir was generally used for dressing rooms. Today it is only used rarely.


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