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Audi City-E

Future Audi Concept



In the spring of 2014, me and my class mades got the opportunity to make a your secret project provided along with Audi (Code Name hero car). to be than with a 1-1 model for an exhibition in the fall.

Made 2014

Duration: 8 weeks

Audi BS 1-2.png
Audi BS 3-4.png

Design Philosophy

of the brand Audi 

Make´s the future a reality

Exploring new technologys

Pioneers in lighting design

Passion for motor sports

Audi BS 3-4.png

Target user

The Minimalists

Age: Is approximately 20 to 35 year old


The Minimalists, live for the city and all it can offer him. Less is more is the life philosophy of The Minimalists he does not need much but he is the best he can and he make no compromises

Audi BS 7-8.4.png

Key Sketches


Audi City-E

Audi City-E

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