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The Intelligent Bike Dock

System Design


To design a bike share system that will make it more convenient to take the bike instead of the car.

Made in 2014

Duration: :8 weeks


In this project there was 7 of us, each concentrating on a particular area of the bike share system.

We each have very different backgrounds and abilities, but together we have formed a strong team that has come with a great expertise and professionalism

NOT TO MENTION have completed task



(Hyperlane Bike)

Iben Johansen

(Multifunction Bag)



(Multifunction Bag)



(Local Bike)


Kørup Jensen

(Lnteractive Light)

The problem

 - with the current bike duck system

In 2040, the continued use of bicycles an everyday thing for many in Copenhagen who have chosen to settle in the ring zero.But in this cycling paradise is, however, also some problems, since in some areas of the city there will be a shortage / accumulation of bikes

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Key Words And Inspiration

  • Self-sufficient: the dock must not be connected to an electricity grid, but be capable of creating the energy that it needs by itself. 

  • Automobile: the dock must be 100% mobile without connection connected to a git or accredited types of fixation.

  • Easily Translated: to become a part of the city and seem like something that always has to be present in the city

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The dimensions on the bike ducken is the size of a minivan person wagon and meets the requirement for being able to operate on the roads / streets that was before consumption of cars

  • We have created a system consisting of self docking stations without disfiguring city image to distribute bikes and meet with the logistical problems of an over or under population of bicycles in the so called hotspot's

  • The self-propelled docking station is equipped with Mecanum Wheels which makes it possible for the station to navigate in any direction without the help of turning circles

  • Moreover, all the bicycles mounted on a so called slide which makes it possible to fill a station with a new supply of the bicycles quickly and efficiently.

Car free city6.png
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