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BMW 10.jpg


As the first project on Umeå university was an optional assignment.

which should reflect passion for the car.

Future BMW Concept

Made 2013

Duration:8 weeks

BMW 1.png

Design Taget : Emotion

A symbiosis through human and Technology

Dynamic & Powerful


Sporty &Aggressive

Transmission of power

BMW 2.png

Interaction between driver and car

The body is my inspiration


Target group

He always challenge himself in life fx. with extreme sport. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear..Age is approximately 20 to 40 year old

BMW 3.png

Brand Bmw

Design Philosophy

Pioneer E-drive

Quality & Precision

Pure Power & Emotions

Driver oriented

Key sketches

BMW 5.png
BMW 7.png
BMW 8.png

clay development

BMW 10.jpg
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