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In the spring of 2014 made me and my class mades task to make a 

facelife on a chosen Audi model and I chose Audi's super sports car the R8.

Facelift an existing Audi model

Made 2014

Duration:4 weeks

Definition of a facelift

Audi facelift s1.png

Mid-term facelift may include new design items such as:

 • Bumpers • Lamps • Trim items – mirrors, body side protector, sill cladding

 • Wheels • Colour and interior material updates (fabrics, inserts)  


A larger investment facelift may also include:

 • Sheet metal: front fender, hood, trunklid or tailgate

 • Interior: New instrument panel (IP), door panels, console, seats

 • Technology: engines, dampers, Bluetooth connectivity etc

Audi facelift s2.png

Aim - A super premium, strong and aggressive sportscar for the new generation playboy. 

Target - The R8 should appeal to people of all ages.

Taget Market -  Actors, Directors, Sport stars, Musicians, Producers. 

target group

Audi facelift s3.png
Audi facelift s3.2.png


Audi facelift s4.jpg
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