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C4 bachelor project 2017

How can I design a shoecollection, starting with ECCO’s SOFT 8 female consumer  pushing the traditional ECCO design?


I wish to design a shoe collection for the ECCO Casual Women with a focus on the consumer usually buying ECCO’s SOFT 8. The shoe collection will consist of 3 shoes/boots for the fall/winter 2018. 


Architecture forms the basis of the lines on the shoes and I designed a print for the shoes inspied by the old craft called kniplinger (Bubbin Lace) which Tønder is also known for. Good craftmanship, quality and family traditions are a part of the philosophies of ECCO. That is why lace and ECCO is a good match. The old craft is slowly dying. My vision was to give the lace a new life in new surroundings. 

The project is sponsored by ECCO


The consumer for SOFT 8 and my collection is a young woman in her mid-20s, studying architecture in Copenhagen. She enjoys life and spends a lot of her time with friends and family. In addition, she is spending her free time eating out and going to concerts, and having picnics in the parks in inner Copenhagen. She listens to House music and likes to stay updated in the music world, following local underground musicians. To get around to the different places, she uses her bike. Her style is simple, classic, oversize, casual, Scandinavian style.


Quality plays a major role in her everyday life. She likes to dress simply with little details. She buys most of her clothes in the shops - COS -& Other stories - Ganni - ACNE


A solid and urban palette of colours which are hand picked from the inspirational pictures and matched in ECCO’s own PANTONE colours.

The lines on the shoes are inspired by architecture. 


The Brutalist architects loved the materials honesty, sculptural opportunities, uncompromising modernity as well as the socially progressive intentions. It’s about seeing the beauty in something, which doesn’t intend to please. The Romance is subtle, but once found, much stronger then anything, which pleases within an instant.


Keywords mood

Urban - Streetwear - Active - Attitude - Passion - Bold - Raw - Romance - Structure

pattern inspiration


The print is inspired by the old craft called Bobbin lace, which Tønder is also known for. Good craftsmanship, quality and family / traditions are part of ECCO's Identity. Since ECCO is based in Bredebro and Tønder, the tradition of the Bobbin lace and ECCO is a good match. This lace is known as the Christian IV with crown and corner lace


Since it is a craft that’s almost extinct, I  tried to play with the Bobbin lace and put it in a new context.


The lace is believed to have originated in northern Italy in the 16th century. From there it has spread to north western Europe and was particularly popular in Belgium. In the 1700s, the knipling developed into a regular home industry in the area around Tønder.


Every third year in Tønder in Sønderjylland there is a big knipling festival. It attracts many visitors from all over the world.

sole Sketching


Colour development



The Collection C4


C4 (The C stands for Cecilie. The 4 represents ecco’s 4 signature dots and it signifies the bond between the two)

C4 also means Christian IV which the Bobbin lace is named after


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